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The Kosovo Project

A project for assisted return of Kosovo refugees to their homeland

The reintegration for people returning to their homeland from Germany is supported and sustained through help networks

Offers in Kosovo:

The repatriation aid center in Prishtina and Prizren (Kosovo) offers support for people returning to their homeland and their families, as well as for people who are already living in Kosovo.

For more information on the repatriation aid center in Prishtina click here.

Offers in Germany:

The volunteers returning to their homeland are informed, qualified and supported as well as accompanied in cooperation with the repatriation counselling office (Rückkehrberatungsstellen der Wohlfahrtsverbände).

For more information about the offers for the Kosovo project in Germany click here.


The recent brochure on the project is here for download.


Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Nürnberg e.V.
Gartenstr. 9
90443 Nürnberg 

Phone: 0911 - 27 41 40-0
Fax: 0911 - 27 41 40-40

Martina Sommer

This is how to find us in the city map

Contact person

Project leader: Martina Sommer
Phone:  (+49|0)911 - 27 41 40 0
Fax: (+49|0)911 - 27 41 40 40

You can reach us by public transportation. As a service, please use the VGN travel information.